offering virtual reality
instead of drugs
Reducing Medical
Procedures Pain!



IBRA is a virtual reality distraction pain relief application that keeps the patient highly immersed into the virtual world while having the medical procedures.

Just few key features:

Cutting-edge Content

Virtual reality environment to help our users to get the best immersive experience

Internal Communication

Powered with technologies that allow them to exchange data between them

Persistant Data

Gather all the necessary data from the VR and mobile application to be implemented to our dashboard

Real Time Data Exchange
Real time database to exchange data simultaneously to our different applications
Offline Mode

Offline mode for the emergencies cases

Innovative UI/UX

Simple UI/UX to help our users to get a simple and an easy mobile experience

Let’s Get In Touch

+321 012 7896


Try Vibra today. It’s easy and fun!

Ready to die to make you happy:

Wajdi Sadouki
Android Developer
+1 (987) 164253
Ghassen Kefi
Unity Developer

And additional thanks to our test staff

Ala Ben Trad
CTO & Co-founder
Syrine Boudriga
CEO & Co-founder
Skander Amor

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